September is known as the pleasant time of the year

Kevin Orsinger |

September was originally the 7th month of the year and was named Septem.  In 451 BC January and February were added to the calendar making it the 9th month of the year. 

The Romans often associated the months with different Gods.  September is associated with Vulcan the Roman God of Fire, because of the fiery hot month when it was the 7th month of the year.

The first Newspaper ever to print in the US was on September 25, 1690.  It was the Publick Occurrences in Boston.

September’s Flowers are the Aster which represents love and the Morning Glory which represents affection.

September’s Birthstone is the Sapphire.

September’s Zodiac signs are Virgo September 1 – 22 and Libra September 23 – 30.

September is National Happy Cat Month

Other fun dates in September are:

September 1st – Letter writing day

September 6th – Read a book day

September 13th – Kids take over the kitchen day

September 18th – Respect Day

September 24th – National Punctuation Day!