November Topic of the Month: Giving Thanks and Giving Back: Charitable Giving this Thanksgiving

Kevin Orsinger |

Many folks think of the Christmas season when they think of giving charitably. The holiday spirit can often motivate one to go beyond simply ensuring their own celebration is festive, but to give unto others in such a way that they might also enjoy a holiday celebration. While the end of the year is certainly a great time to think about charitable giving, Thanksgiving provides another opportunity for folks to give thanks and give back to their communities that is sometimes overlooked. We go around the table and share things we are thankful for over a good meal, but Thanksgiving is also a great opportunity to give thanks by giving back with a charitable donation.

As you start to find ways to make your gratitude known this Thanksgiving season, you might begin by providing a one-time charitable gift to an organization that aligns with your values or that you are thankful for that provides services to your community. You might also start to think about how you can do this throughout the year and start a monthly or bimonthly charitable giving habit by working charitable giving into your financial plan.

This could be a good opportunity for you and your family to have a conversation about organizations in your local community: What are your family values? How do those community organizations support those values in your community? You could talk about how to financially support that organization is showing thanks, and how you can commit to integrating that into your financial plan. Of course, having a conversation with your financial advisor is key, and will help you understand how to give thanks by giving back in a way that benefits you as well.

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