November: National Banana Pudding Month

Kevin Orsinger |

Many people are unaware that the month of November was not always known as “November”. In fact, the month of November was originally called “Decembre”.  The word Decembre comes from the Latin word “decimus” which means tenth. Therefore, the word Decembre literally translates into “the tenth of December”. It wasn’t until the year 1752 that the English language adopted the name “November” for the month.

November’s full moon is traditionally called the Beaver Moon.  In the Colonial Era this was the month to set the beaver traps before the swamps froze and the beavers retreated to their homes. 

November’s Birthstone is the Topaz – a symbol of honor and strength

November’s Flower is the Chrysanthemum – represents cheerfulness

November Zodiac Signs are – Scorpio October 22nd thru November 22nd and

Sagittarius November 23 thru December 21.


November interesting and fun days to remember:

November 1st – National Author’s Day

November 5th – American Football Day and Daylight Savings (turn your clocks back 1 hour).

November 11th – Veteran’s Day

November 13th – World Kindness Day

November 14th – National Pickle Day

November 23rd – National Adoption Day and Thanksgiving Day