May Topic of the Month: Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Kevin Orsinger |

Disability Insurance if for anyone that works.  If you depend on a paycheck, then is insurance to consider.

What would happen if you suddenly were unable to work?  How would you meet your debt obligations?  Would you be able to maintain your daily lifestyle and pay your mortgage or car loan.  Would you be able to put food on the table for your family.

Whether you are full-time, hourly, or salaried or a business owner, you and your family rely on your income.

Most disabilities are caused by medical illnesses not accidents.  But the important thing is to make sure you have coverage in place in case of an unforeseen illness or accident.

It’s never to late to start making sure you have the proper insurances in place for you and your family.  Give Orsinger Investment Group, Inc. a call at 724-588-9067 with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

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