March Topic of the Month - Getting Your Taxes Completed

Kevin Orsinger |

Well tax season filing time is quickly approaching it is April 18, 2023.

Who must file taxes.  Anyone who meets the annual income threshold figure set by the IRS.

Factors for thresholds:  Are you claimed as a dependent?  Whether you are married or single.  Your age. There are other factors, these are just a few of them.

Your gross income- can include money, services and property.  There are other things that your gross income may include, check with your accountant.

Make sure you have receipts for all your charitable contributions, your W-2’s, and mortgage or interest earned on savings and checking accounts.

This is just some basic information to get you started in the right direction to get your taxes filed on time.  It’s normally in your best interest to talk with your tax preparer as they would be up to date with all the changes that happen annually with tax preparation.