July Topic of the Month: Why It’s Important to Have a Financial Advisor

Kevin Orsinger |

Perhaps you’ve wondered what exactly a financial advisor does, or you’ve wondered whether you need one today, especially when so many things are easily available online. The term “financial advisor” can be used in a lot of different ways, and many different advisors have different qualifications and services they provide. In general, however, most financial advisors provide support in the following ways.

A financial advisor should provide you with holistic planning on the best ways for you to address your financial goals. You can delegate many of the duties associated with finance management to your advisor. Financial advisors provide you with conversations about your general financial situation, your short and long-term goals, your investment process, and other topics. They can also advise you on topics like retirement planning and insurance coverage. Essentially, a financial advisor should be your sounding board and guide for all things related to your financial well-being.

Financial advisors are important for many reasons. It can be very overwhelming to manage all the components—especially if you have a complex investment portfolio or financial situation. We suggest that everyone speak with a financial advisor to determine if it’s a good fit. However, if you have recently—or plan to—undergo a major life change (marriage, divorce, buying a house, starting a business, etc.) a financial advisor can be extremely important in making sure the financial decisions you’re making serve you. One of the best services a financial advisor provides is helping you stay accountable to your goals and making sure that your financial plan is comprehensive enough for your needs.

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