Happy New Year

Kevin Orsinger |

Welcome 2024!  The holidays are over and now its time to start thinking of New Years Resolutions or goals.

What is a New Years Resolution?  As defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary – it is a noun: a promise to do something differently in the New Year.

So why do people make resolutions or goals?  Maybe to better themselves, to eat better, to exercise more, to drink less alcohol, to declutter or downsize.  There are many different reasons and each one is individual to the person.

Resolutions can provide clarity for one’s goals.  Making goals provides a desire to achieve them- to make a path for your future.

Make one of your goals this year to make sure you meet with your Financial Advisor at least once this year and review your life changes and financial situations.  Call Orsinger Investment Group, Inc. at 724-588-9067 to schedule a meeting.

So, whatever your New Year’s Resolution or goal is – here’s to achieving it!