December – The last month of 2023

Kevin Orsinger |

The Anglo Saxons originally called December the “Winter Monath” which translates to winter month.

The full moon in December is called the Full Cold Moon.

The December Flowers are the Holly, which represents good luck & protection.

The other flower is the Paperwhite Narcissus (a cousin of the Daffodil) which symbolizes sweetness.

The Birthstone for December is the Turquoise and the Blue Topaz.

The Astrologic signs for December are:

Sagittarius (they are generous & open minded) November 22 thru December 21

Capricorn (they are persistent yet practical) December 22 thru January 19.

Some Important and Fun Dates in December:

December 2 – National Mutt Day (maybe visit a shelter and adopt a dog)

December 8 – National pretend to be a time travel day

December 13 – National Day of the Horse

December 15 – National Cupcake Day

December 21 – Winter Solstice – longest night of the year

December 25 – Christmas

December 28 – National Card playing day

December 30 – National Bacon Day