August: The end of summer month

Kevin Orsinger |

August is known as the end of summer month because it’s the last full month before the start of fall. 

August is named for the first emperor of the Roman Empire Augustus Ceasar.

The Perseid meteor shower is seen during the month of August, which is the most active and brightest meteor shower.

The first roller coaster opened at Coney Island on August 16, 1884.

August’s flowers are the Gladiola & Poppies

August’s Birthstone is the Peridot (which is created from Molten Lava).

August’s Zodiac Signs are Leo August 1-22 Virgo August 23-31


August Dates to remember:

August 2 – National Coloring Book Day

August 9 – National Hand Holding Day

August 17 – Banana Lovers Day

August 26 – Speak Kind words Saturday (but this should be done every day)

August 30- National Beach Day